Types of Smoke Detectors

Do you need a new smoke detector? It is important to arm your home with the protection that a smoke detector delivers to keep yourself, family, and property safe. Most people who are in the market to buy smoke detectors stanhope nj don’t realize there are two different types of smoke detector types to choose from. It is important that you know the differences between the two types.

The Ionization smoke detector is the more expensive of the two models. It is also much more responsive to a fire. This smoke detector uses ions to help detect smoke that has filled the air. The Photoelectric Smoke Detector is the second type of smoke detector. This one uses a light beam to detect smoke in the roof. These alarms are better at sounding when there is smoldering smoke.

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Which of the two types of smoke detectors is best to purchase? Both types of smoke detectors work to protect you again fire. It is essential that you install one or the other in the home. Each type of smoke detector has the capability to save you from a fire and to minimize the amount of damage sustained in a fire.

Why not have both alarms in the home? When it is time to protect yourself against the devastating effects of a fire, each alarm has something great to offer. When both smoke detectors are installed, there is considerably less worry that you’ll be involved in a fire in the home. There are dual-sensor devices that you can buy in lieu of purchasing two separate devices, if you want that peace of mind and added protection. And of course, remember to check the batteries in the smoke detector often to make sure your device is working properly.